Ower bikes are perfect bike for cruising the neighborhood, bike path or just going out for a leisurely ride. Incudes helmet and loock.   “free delivery in Nuevo Vallarta zone”  

We also have mountain and road bikes for long range rides.

Male and female Urban steel with 26-24 and 20 inch wheel size 

huffy sienna26 café.jpg
huffy mtb24 scout.jpg
huffy sienna 26 verde dama.jpg
turbo blanca 700.jpg

Male and female Urban aluminium with 28 inch wheel size  

 Mountain   aluminium bikes ---  26 & 27.5 inch

new RATES 2020 mtb and 700.jpg
híbridas vazher 26 blanca .jpg.jpeg
vazher yellow29 large.jpg
vazher 27.5 mtb 3x9 .jpeg

Gravel aluminium bikes --- frame 56 & 54 

bici gravel marin plata.jpg